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Arriving Traffic


Normal descent speeds are 280kt ± 20kt until FL100, thereafter max. 250kt. On downwind expect vectors to final, mostly shortly after passing abeam the FAF/FAP. Plan your descent accordingly! Maintain good speeds. As a general guidance on base you should be around 220kt, when cleared for the final approach between 200-180kt. Expect to cross the FAF/FAP between 200 -180kt and to maintain 170kt until 5 DME.

When contacting Stuttgart Director report your Callsign only! Expect late descend on intercept altitude due to MVA.


Expedite vacating the runway after landing. Use the first high speed exit reasonably possible. Do not taxi slowly on the runway!

Tower will instruct the initial turn on taxiway S/N depending on the runway in use. Change frequency only when instructed to do so!