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Before you fly...

Welcome to Nörvenich! This air base is located within one of the most complex airspaces in Germany, just West of Köln/Bonn airport. It is home to the German Air Force's 31st tactical air wing and one of the German Army's search and rescue helicopters, SAR41.
The air base is not used for civilian purposes, it is a pure military air base. Because of this, you should expect controllers to apply military procedures and phraseology. Although the air base has a relatively simple layout, due to the military procedures and complex airspace structure in this area, you should still prepare yourself thoroughly to keep it fun for everyone and avoid mistakes which might lead to delays for yourself and other users.

If you are new to VATSIM or not familiar with military procedures, you might want to avoid the air base until you have become more familiar with military aviation. While the air base is usually not very busy on VATSIM, it might be used by vSOAs for military operations, which may prohibit use of the airspace surrounding it for other pilots, especially if they are simulating civilian flights.

Parking Positions

Please make sure you choose an appropriate stand for your aircraft type.

Eurofighters of the 31st tactical air wing usually park at one of the hangars in the Southeast.
Tornados of the 33rd tactical air wing and other aircraft normally stationed at Büchel air base (which is currently closed due to construction work) usually park in one of the shelter loops North of the runways.
SAR41 is parked next to the helipad in the Southeast.


Military communication

Controllers at Nörvenich air base will utilize military phraseology, which may differ significantly from what you are used to from civilian flying. Anyone staffing Nörvenich Tower or Nörvenich Radar is required to be familiar with this phraseology and will expect pilots to be as well; however, controllers covering these positions topdown are currently not required to take the military controller course and might thus not be familiar with military phraseology. Nevertheless, you as the pilot should always expect to be confronted with military phraseology.

If you are unsure what the controller wants you to do or receive an instruction that you are unable to comply with for any reason, hold position and inform ATC immediately. Not doing so will most likely result in you doing something else than ATC expects, thus causing major problems and delays; on the other hand, controllers have no problem with you asking for an explanation or a different instruction.


When instructed to contact another controller, do so as soon as possible. This will avoid you having to stop moving or level off. Please do not hold your position to switch the frequency, keep moving on the ground!