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VFR Traffic

We ask all pilots to also read the General section with information relevant to all pilots.

Stuttgart’s airspace and general traffic levels make the airport very friendly to VFR traffic in the real world. As this is similar on VATSIM, controllers will usually be able to accommodate VFR requests. However, the limited amount of space at Stuttgart can result in situations where some VFR requests might be denied during periods of high traffic.

Additionally, you should be prepared for the controller to instruct you to leave the control zone if the traffic load rises or you fail to comply with instructions promptly and accurately.

Airspace Structure

The Stuttgart CTR has a top altitude of 3500 ft MSL, about 2200 ft AGL. Please pay close attention to setting the correct QNH and your altitude to avoid inadvertently entering airspace C above.

The following mandatory reporting points exist around the airport:

Reporting point


from/to the NW

highway intersection A8 and A81


from/to the NE

between Fernsehturm Stuttgart and Fernmeldeturm Stuttgart

Exit to the SW 

25 operations

Fernmeldeturm Waldenbuch/Dettenhausen
Entry from the S
Aichtalviadukt (B27)

Exit to the SE 

07 operations

Neckarbrücke Nürtingen

Keep in mind that ATC might instruct you to use a different reporting point than the one you requested, if necessary.


VFR departures have to initially call Stuttgart Delivery.

During 07 operations, smaller aircraft can expect to be assigned intersection G. During 25 operations they can expect to be assigned intersection C.


Contact Stuttgart Tower no later than 5 minutes before reaching your requested CTR entry point. Stuttgart has a VFR Tower; if this station is online, all VFR arrivals have to initially call 119.055.

Traffic circuits

During periods of high traffic, ATC might need to fit you into very tight gaps, resulting in very short to non-existent finals as well as early crosswind turns. Please follow all instructions accurately and immediately to avoid go arounds and ensure separation.

Who to contact?

When multiple Tower stations are staffed, it might not be immediately obvious who you should contact. Please refer to the following table in such cases:

Frequency (contact topmost station online)
121.915 (Stuttgart Delivery)
119.055 (Stuttgart Tower)
118.805 (Stuttgart Tower)