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At The Ground

Always have charts available! The easiest way to find some charts is to use Chartfox (Vatsim Login required).

Hold Short Instructions:
Sometimes hold short instructions are possible. If you are given a hold short of instruction: Hold in front of the dashed yellow line, do not turn into the taxiway! See the example image.

EDFF_HS.jpghold short of the dashed yellow line in front of a taxiway

Give way Instruction:
Often you will hear an instruction to continue taxi as number two behind a passing aircraft.

ATC: Taxi to holdingpoint runway 07 via M L2 and K, at November number 2 behind company A320 from the left

This means, you have to give way to this aircraft at the crossing taxiway. Please make sure to follow this instruction correctly, otherwise ask the controller if the mentioned traffic is not in sight or you are unsure what to do.