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Arriving Traffic

We ask all pilots to also read the General section with information relevant to all pilots.


STAR assignment

STARs are rarely used in Köln/Bonn. Instead, you can expect either a direct to a transition waypoint or vectors.

All RNAV transitions for Köln/Bonn have altitude restrictions and some also have speed restrictions. Make sure you comply with these unless they are explicitly cancelled by ATC.

Descent planning

To avoid having to fly unnecessarily long finals, pilots should plan to cross the following waypoints at the following altitudes. Remember that all altitude changes require an explicit clearance by ATC.

  • DENOV: FL180
  • ERNEP: FL100
  • GULKO: FL110
  • IBESA: FL190
  • KOPAG: FL120
  • NIVNU: FL180
  • PODAT: FL180
  • PODEN: FL180
  • RASVO: FL140


Approach procedures

The approach into Köln/Bonn will usually be an ILS approach. However, aircraft approaching runways 06, 13R, or 31L will have to fly an RNP approach.


Pilots should plan the following speeds. Keep in mind that ATC instructions always take precedent.

  • Descent phase: 250 - 300 KIAS
  • Base: 220 KIAS
  • Turn to final: 180 - 200 KIAS

You need to follow all speed instructions precisely until they are cancelled by ATC to ensure separation. If you need to slow down earlier for any reason, advise ATC immediately, so they can issue an appropriate instruction.


Due to tight spacings, it is very important - especially during periods of high traffic - that every pilot vacates the runway as quickly as possible to avoid go-arounds of following traffic. Whenever sensible, pilots should use the first available high speed exit. Keep in mind that your aircraft needs to be past the appropriate runway holding point in its entirety before you are considered clear of the runway, so don't stop moving prematurely.

Aircraft landing on runway 13L and 31R should plan to vacate via A3.
Aircraft landing on runway 24 should plan to vacate via T.

Aircraft landing on runway 06 should ask ATC which exit they can use to vacate.

Do not vacate onto runway 06/24 unless the controller has informed you that you can vacate via this runway or it is available for taxi.