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VFR Traffic

We ask all pilots to also read the General section with information relevant to all pilots.

Köln/Bonn’s airspace and general traffic levels make the airport friendly, but occasionally challenging to VFR traffic in the real world. As this is similar on VATSIM, controllers will usually be able to accommodate VFR requests. However, the limited amount of space and complex runway system at Köln/Bonn can result in situations where some VFR requests might be denied during periods of high traffic.

Additionally, you should be prepared for the controller to instruct you to leave the control zone if the traffic load rises or you fail to comply with instructions promptly and accurately.

Airspace Structure

The Cologne/Bonn CTR has a top altitude of 2500 ft MSL, about 2200 ft AGL. Please pay close attention to setting the correct QNH and your altitude to avoid inadvertently entering airspace C above.

The following reporting points exist around the airport. All of these are mandatory reporting points except for Echo 2.

Reporting Point
N1 A4 exit Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg
N2 A3 service station Königsforst-Ost
E1 Neunkirchen church
A3 service station Sülztal
S1 mouth of the Sieg river into the Rhine
S2 football fields North of the village of Troisdorf-Spich
K1 highway intersection A1 and A57
K2 A4 bridge over the Rhine


VFR departures do not have to call Delivery and can instead make their initial call to Ground when ready for taxi.