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Charts & Scenery


You can find current IFR charts for Frankfurt/Main on chartfox (requires VATSIM login).

You can find current VFR charts for Frankfurt/Main in the AIP VFR.
For a better overview over the airspace structure around Frankfurt, we recommend openflightmaps.


We highly recommend using up to date scenery. There are many layout changes that have recently taken place - or are still taking place - at Frankfurt/Main. ATC is usually aware of these changes, but will work under the assumption that everyone is using an up to date scenery. Please inform ATC immediately if you are unable to comply with an instruction due to an outdated scenery.

MSFS (GSX profile)
X-Plane Default Scenery
Prepare3D V4/V5

If you are using MSFS, we recommend using the virtualFRA freeware scenery linked in the table above as it uses the most current airport layout. Both the MSFS Standard and Deluxe edition versions of the airport use an outdated layout.