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Departing Traffic

IFR Clearance and Startup

Before requesting enroute clearance, make sure you have listened to the latest ATIS information. You can expect to receive your startup clearance together with your enroute clearance.

Datalink: Pilots able to use PDC/DCL may also request their enroute clearance digitally via the Hoppie CPDLC system. The logon code for datalink clearances at the airport is EDFM. Whether a controller offers PDC/DCL can be found in the controller info.


All parking positions at the airport are taxi-out positions, so you shouldn’t need a pushback!

Only request taxi if you are able to start taxiing immediately upon receiving taxi clearance. Do not cross the runway without explicit clearance by Tower.


Contact the departure frequency stated in the ATIS immediately after takeoff. You will not receive a handoff from Tower!