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Arriving Traffic

There is a 250KTS/FL100 restriction at EDFH within airspace E (more or less everywhere around the airport). Normal descent speeds are 250kt until instructed by ATC. As a general guidance on base you should be around 220kt, when cleared for the final approach between 200-180kt. Expect to cross the FAF/FAP between 200 -180kt and to maintain 170kt until 5 DME.

Expect RNAV Arrivals into EDFH. On downwind expect vectors to final, mostly shortly after passing abeam the FAF/FAP. Plan your descent accordingly! Maintain good speeds.

Traffic with WTC Heavy can vacate the runway only via taxiways F or E. When RWY 21 is in use, this traffic need to do a backtrack at the end of runway 21 and vacate via E. This will be approved by Tower after landing. The "turnpad south" between taxiway C and B2 may only be used for aircraft up to CAT D (B764/MD11).

EDFH_Backtrack.jpgbacktrack at Hahn airport for heavy aircraft