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VFR Traffic

We ask all pilots to also read the General section with information relevant to all pilots.

Lahr’s airspace and general traffic levels make the airport very friendly to VFR traffic in the real world. As this is similar on VATSIM, controllers will usually be able to accommodate VFR requests. However, the limited amount of space at Lahr and its proximity to French territory can result in situations where some VFR requests might be denied, especially during periods of high traffic.

Airspace Structure


The Lahr CTR has a top altitude of 2500 ft MSL, about 2000 ft AGL. Please pay close attention to setting the correct QNH.

The following mandatory reporting points exist around the airport:

Reporting point
Entry/Exit from/to the East
B415 between Kuhbach and Reichenbach
Entry/Exit from/to the North (Oscar route)
B33 exit Gengenbach
Entry/Exit from/to the North (Oscar route)
fields between Oberschopfheim and Oberweier
Entry/Exit from/to the South (Sierra route)
Rhine river mouth Dornskopf
Entry/Exit from/to the South (Sierra route)
Rhine passing Nonnenweier
Entry/Exit from/to the West quarry lake Meißenheim

Keep in mind that ATC might instruct you to use a different reporting point than the one you requested, if necessary.

There is a published VFR holdings on either side of the runway.

LF-R199 Neuhof

Directly West of the CTR in French territory is the Neuhof restricted area between 2500 and 4500 ft MSL. This area is used for glider activities at the nearby French airfield of Strasbourg-Neuhof (LFGC) and shall be avoided by pilots.

Strasbourg TMA

Within French territory just West of the CTR is the Strasbourg TMA comprised of class D and restricted airspace.