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Departing Traffic

Start-Up and Enroute (IFR) Clearance

In Germany you request “start-up and enroute clearance” to get your IFR clearance. This does not include the pushback, therefore a separate approval is required!

  • Always check the current ATIS first!
  • Report Callsign, ATIS Information and request start-up
    (e.g. “Lufthansa 12FU, Information A, request start-up and enroute clearance.”)
  • Only request start-up when you are ready for pushback within the next 5 minutes
  • Clearance also available via Datalink (PDC/DCL via Hoppie ACARS System) - check Controller Info for Airport Code!
  • Valid routes out of Stuttgart are available via


Only ask for Pushback if you are able to start pushback immediately when receiving pushback approval! It might be possible that ATC will instruct you to do a specific routing for pushback (into a specific taxiway, push and then pull foreward, etc.). Always report when unable or if you do not understand the instruction! Set your Squawk and turn on your Transponder before offblock.


Intersection Departure:
To optimize the traffic flow expect intersection departures. Report earliest available intersection to Ground/Tower during or before taxi.


Departure frequency will not be issued by Tower. Contact Langen Radar immediately after takeoff! If not specified otherwith, all departures have to contact Langen Radar on 125.050.

Use ICAO Noise Abatement Departure Procedure 2. Accelerate to flap retraction speed at 1000AGL (~1400ft on your altimeter).

Do not climb above your initial climb until advised by ATC! You will receive your initial climb with your startup clearance and you can find it on the departure charts (written part) as well. At Stuttgart it is always 5000ft.

Note that most SIDs have a speed limit for the first turn which always has to be adhered to, unless cleared otherwise by ATC.