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Taxiway Links

Difference between Simulator and Real World

Due to some reconstruction work at the apron, Link 1 has been withdrawn in real life as shown on the latest charts. Due to the limitation of the latest scenery available we can't always simulate this state of development and continue to use Link 1 at the network.

EDDF_Link1_north.png EDDF_Link1_south.png
traffic northbound via N8 - Link 1 - N7
traffic southbound via N7 - Link 1 - N8
EDDF_Link3_north.png EDDF_Link3_west.png
traffic north-/eastbound via N8 - Link 3 - N7
traffic west-/southbound via N7 - Link 3 - N8
EDDF_Link4_east.png EDDF_Link4_north.png
traffic via N8 - Link 4 - N7
traffic via N7 - Link 4 - N8
EDDF_Link5_south.png EDDF_Link5_north.png
traffic southbound via N8 - Link 5 - N7
traffic northbound via N7 - Link 5 - N8