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Büchel Radar is responsible for all airborne traffic within the Büchel approach sector as well as coordinating all enroute clearances for IFR departures out of Büchel airport.

Büchel Radar shall always inform the controller of EDGG sectors Eifel, Köln Arrival, and Taunus when opening and closing the position.


The airspace controlled by Büchel Radar is class E which is lowered to 1000ft AGL in the majority of the area of responsibility with small sections of class E lowered to 1700ft AGL in the North and Northeast.

ETSB AoR.png

Airspace boundary

Büchel Radar may use the entire vertical range of the sector. Langen Radar is responsible for maintaining full vertical separation to the sector border.

Departure procedures

Enroute clearances

Enroute clearances must always be coordinated with all concerned adjacent sectors. Exact routings to the first fix in the flight plan must be adapted to the individual traffic situation but usually a DCT to the first waypoint is the best solution. The initial climb shall always be  4000ft. Initial flight levels beyond the upper boundary of the Büchel Radar sector must be coordinated with all concerned sectors. All IFR departures shall use the applicable OID for the departure runway.

The enroute clearance will be requested by Büchel Tower and has to be communicated to Büchel Tower once it has been coordinated. Büchel Tower will then relay the clearance to the pilot.

Transfer to civilian ATC or Spangdahlem GCA

Handoffs for departures shall always be coordinated individually (preferably while coordinating the enroute clearance) and then take place as agreed, but usually a handoff at the sector border is the best solution.

Arrival procedures

Transfer from civilian ATC or Spangdahlem GCA

Handoffs for arrivals shall always be coordinated individually and then take place as agreed. Büchel Radar should, whenever possible, approach civilian ATC/Spangdahlem GCA with a proposal for the handoff ahead of time, but usually a DCT to BUE at 4000ft with a full release is the best solution.


Büchel only has a TACAN approach to both runways.