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Dortmund Tower is responsible for all aircraft within the control zone and at the active runway.

Approaches: For both runways ILS (CAT II), RNP, VOR and NDB approaches are available.

Control Zone

The control zone of Dortmund reaches up to 2500 ft AMSL.

24 Operations
06 Operations

VFR Entry: N and E

VFR Exit: W and S

VFR Entry: W and S

VFR Exit: N and E

Dortmund Control Zone (D-CTR) - ©

TMZ: Outside the control zone is a TMZ where all VFR aircraft must set transponder code 6102.

Helicopter: The Helipad west of the GAT can be used for all helicopter landings and departures.

Direction of Operation

Operating direction 24 is preferred up to a tailwind component of 5 KT.

Auto Handoff

Dortmund utilizes an auto-handoff procedure for IFR departures where Tower will not hand off outbounds to the approach/center controller. Make sure to set the correct departure frequency in the ATIS.

Outbounds should contact APP/CTR immediately when airborne unless explicitly told to remain on Tower frequency.