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Paderborn Ground is responsible for startup and enroute clearance and all aircraft movements at the airport.

Departure Routes

Paderborn has a quite simple structure for departure routes. There are no specific restrictions to keep in mind, except some climb restrictions, which make the "Climb via SID 5.000ft" phrase, with the initial climb in the IFR clearance necessary. The affected SIDs, are listed below and marked as *↑:

RWY 06 RWY 24
GISDI 1X*↑ 1W*↑



9X*↑ 8W
TINSA 1X*↑ 1W*↑



1X*↑ 1W

Vectored Departures: If pilots are unable to fly a standard instrument departure (even an older version of the current SID), a vectored departure can be coordinated between Ground and Radar.

Primary runway heading and an initial climb of 5000ft should be used. Other coordinations are always possible.

Parking Positions

Positions 4 - 6 are terminal positions and are prefered for jets. Stand 2A can be used for aircraft category heavy.

Only stands 1A, 1B and 7A - 7C are taxi out positions but are rarely used. All other positions require a pushback.

The GAT are is located at the western part of the airport.


Taxiway F can only be used by light type aircraft.

Taxiways A and A1 can be used as bypass area if light type aircraft are not ready for departure or require a runup.