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There are two mandatory reporting points around the Noervenich Airbase:

NOVEMBER          Edge of Hambach opencast mine, north of the Hambach forest

SIERRA                 Crossroads east of the village of Vettweiß

These mandatory reporting points are usually only used by civilian VFR traffic as well as non-jet traffic which is not engaged in SAR operations.


There are each four entry and exit routes for VFR military jet aircraft. Usage of these routes is highly recommended.
The following routes are to be used for military jets leaving the CTR:

RWY      Reporting Point                 Routing                                               Visual Aid / Landmarks

06           Exit North                           Left Turn HDG 340°                         Railway bridge HWY 61

06           Exit East                               Right Turn (No HDG specified)   Exit HWY 61 / fed. rd. 265

24           Exit West                             Right Turn HDG 320°                      HWY 4

24           Exit South                           Left Turn HDG 170°                         Crossroads fed. rd. 477 / high rd. 33

In Germany military jet aircraft operating in VMC usually perform  overhead approach manoeuvres.
The following routings are to be used for approaching military jets operating in VMC:

RWY      Reporting Point                 Initial Heading  Initial Alt              Visual Aid / Landmarks

24           Entry North                        HDG 149°            2400ft                   Horremer Bridge

24           Entry East                            HDG 339°            2400ft                   Highway Service Station HWY 553

06           Entry South                        HDG 336°            2400ft                   Forrest north of fed. rd. 265

06           Entry West                         HDG 180°            2400ft                   Exit HWY 4 southeast of Hambach opencast mine


For Aircraft engaged in search and rescue operations in VMC, separate approach and departure procedures, consisting of two dedicated and one standard mandatory reporting point, exist.

The routes as shown on the chart below are only approved for SAR flights. MRP “SIERRA” is the same as for regular VFR traffic, yet SAR traffic is required to approach it via a different route.

ECHO 1                 Railway bridge HWY 61

ECHO 2                 Road bridge HWY 1 / HWY 61 SE of the city of Erftstadt 

SIERRA                 Crossroads east of the village of Vettweiß