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Arrival - Sector Paderborn Low

Paderborn Low is a small sector and most of the time this sector and sector Hamm are staffed by the same controller. Main duties for PADL is the arriving and departing traffic out of Dortmund EDLW and Paderborn/Lippstadt EDLP, next to some VFR or training flights. Except some inbounds to Cologne there is usually no transferring traffic within this sector.

Langen Sector Paderborn Low PADL

Dortmund Area

The Dortmund Area is located west of Dortmund airport. It is designed for inbound traffic on runway 06 or outbound traffic of runway 24 at Dortmund airport. It reaches from Ground up to FL65. Above this level Düsseldorf arrival is responsible. All in- and outbounds to Dortmund always need to stay below FL60 if not released by Düsseldorf. All Düsseldorf inbound on the other hand always have to stay above FL70 if not coordinated otherwise.

Traffic Flows

There are no major traffic flows expect departing and arriving traffic for Dortmund and Paderborn and some inbounds to Cologne.

Paderborn High PADH: The sector above Paderborn Low is Paderborn High (PADH) that is usually staffed by a different controller. PADH is primary responsible for presequencing inbounds to Düsseldorf and Cologne via ADEMI - DOMUX and KOPAG.

In- and Outbounds Düsseldorf: Inbounds to Düsseldorf are released by PADL to DLA for descend to FL100 and turns. Lower levels always have to be coordinated between PADL and DLA! Dortmund outbounds via GMH will cross below.

Outbounds Düsseldorf via GMH Z841 with RFL below FL130 will enter the sector PADL for a short time. Due to the airway crossing the lowered part of Paderborn High, coordination with PADH is always required for all flights above FL90!

Inbound Cologne: Inbounds to Cologne will enter the sector Paderborn Low descending inbound to ERNEP. PADL will send this traffic descending to Köln Arrival. Inbounds via KOPAG usually stay clear of PADL. If runway 24 is used for landings traffic might be handed over from PADH to PADL at FL120 for further descend to FL80 at KOPAG. Coordination between DKA, PADL and PADH is always required! It's also possible to release this traffic for PADH without handoff to PADL.

Handoff Levels

All levels for inbound, outbound and transferring traffic  for sectors HMM and PADL are available at the Quicksheet. All levels that are not listed need to be coordinated individually!

VFR Traffic

In real life the sector is known for a lot of VFR and training flights due to many flight schools located in this area.

FIS: All VFR traffic that are provided with Flight Information Service should get Squawk 7742 (FDL).

TMZ: VFR traffic within the Paderborn and Dortmund TMZ is expected to set squawk 6102 (TW) and maintain listening watch on 125.225.

Restricted Area

There are several ED-Rs within the eastern part of sectors PADL and HMM. The military ED-R 203A "Münsterland" reaches from FL80 up to FL150. Above this is the ED-R 203B between FL150 to FL200. Both ED-Rs are regular active. Additionally ED-R 162 "Lanta Paderborn" is located within the mentioned ED-Rs reaching from 3.500 ft AMSL up to FL125. All restricted areas are automatically activated in Euroscope according the real world airspace use plan. When active, all flights should stay outside the active ED-Rs.

EDGG_PADL_HMM_EDR203.pngED-R 203A from FL80 to FL150 (red area) - ©


As there are just two small airports within the sector and almost no transit traffic, holdings are rarely used. If they are required or for training purpose there are published holdings available at PAD NDB (055° R | 3000ft - FL140) and ADEMI (284° L | FL60 - FL240).