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Fritzlar Tower is responsible for all traffic on the runway, helipad, and grass lanes as well as traffic within the CTR of the airport.


Operating direction

As only runway 30 has instrument approaches, it is the preferred runway whenever conditions permit.

Runway crossing

Runway crossings are principally the responsibility of Fritzlar Tower. However, after coordination, aircraft may remain on the Ground frequency for their runway crossing.

Grass lanes

The grass lanes (as well as the helipad) may all be used in parallel to the hard surface runway and other grass lanes. They are generally only used for helicopter traffic.

Non-line taxi

After coordination with Fritzlar Ground, helicopters may be cleared directly to the departure runway or parking position without using the taxiways. This non-line taxi shall always take place on the Tower frequency, thus outbound non-line taxi has to be handed over from Ground to Tower for the taxi clearance. Non-line taxi is not available for fixed wing aircraft.

Fritzlar Tower: Colibri 36, air-taxi direct to holding point runway 30.

IFR traffic

All IFR traffic shall use the hard surface runway. The grass lanes and the helipad are only available for VFR traffic.


A departure release for all IFR departures shall be obtained from Fritzlar Radar.

Departures shall be handed off to Fritzlar Radar as soon as possible.


As only runway 30 has instrument procedures, a circling approach South of the airport is required for all IFR inbounds during 12 operations.

During activity of the Mosenberg sector, IFR arrivals will enter this sector during their descent. In this situation, the IFR arrival shall be informed about possible VFR traffic in the vicinity of Mosenberg and Fritzlar Tower shall inform Mosenberg Radio of all IFR inbounds. If VFR traffic within the Mosenberg traffic circuits complies with the circuit altitude of 2000ft AMSL and IFR inbounds don't descend below the normal glide profile, no conflicts should arise.

For IFR arrivals on a PAR approach, a landing clearance shall be relayed to Fritzlar Radar. Depending on the traffic situation, Tower may instruct Fritzlar Radar to hand these arrivals directly off to Ground.

VFR traffic

Noise abatement

Traffic should avoid overflying the town of Fritzlar directly North of the airfield below 2000ft. Due to this, the Southern traffic circuit shall be used whenever possible.

Reporting points

There are ten reporting points around the Fritzlar CTR, all of which except for November Echo are mandatory reporting points. Additionally, reporting point Sierra Echo is only used for traffic approaching or departing Mosenberg (EDEM) and should generally be the entry/exit point for traffic at this airfield.

Reporting point
Echo 1
A7/B253 intersection
Echo 2
B254 exit between town of Wabern and fresh concrete quarry Wabern
Lima 1
Lützelwig village
Lima 2
railroad crossing South of Uttershausen
November 1
Gleichen village
November 2
A49/L3150 intersection
November Echo
A49 Eder bridge
non-compulsory reporting point
A49/B3 intersection
Sierra Echo
A7/B323 intersection
reporting point for EDEM only
Anraff village
Mosenberg (EDEM)

Mosenberg's runway and traffic circuits are located within the Fritzlar CTR. Pilots flying at Mosenberg require an individual clearance to enter the CTR and operate at the airfield. If Mosenberg Radio is staffed, the radio operator may request the Mosenberg sector to be opened in which case this part of the Fritzlar CTR reverts to airspace class G and E, respectively, and pilots are allowed to operate inside this sector without acquiring an individual clearance to enter the Lahr CTR. However, inbound aircraft are still required to make the initial call to Fritzlar Tower even when the Mosenberg sector is active and shall be handed off to Mosenberg Radio as soon as possible; vice versa, Mosenberg Radio is required to inform Fritzlar Tower about any outbound aircraft. During high traffic operations at Fritzlar, it is recommended not to open the Mosenberg sector and if necessary prevent traffic at the airfield entirely. Aircraft departing from or arriving at Mosenberg should always route via reporting point Sierra Echo.

Auf der Schaufel

Auf der Schaufel is an airfield for ultralight aircraft. It's traffic circuit extends into the Fritzlar CTR. Pilots flying at Auf der Schaufel require an individual clearance to enter the CTR. There is no separate sector that can be opened and due to a lack of an ICAO code for the airfield, Auf der Schaufel Radio cannot be staffed on VATSIM.