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Spangdahlem Clearance is responsible for enroute and startup clearances for all departing IFR aircraft. It is primarily opened as a relief station when workload for Spangdahlem Ground is too high to work both positions at the same time.

Enroute clearance

Clearance limit

The clearance limit for all IFR departures is the last waypoint of the SID or first waypoint on the flight plan. Further enroute clearance will be given by the civilian radar controller in-flight. Thus, the phrase "flight planned route" shall not be used.

Departure frequency

Pilots shall always be informed of the departure frequency during the enroute clearance.

SID assignment

The use of SIDs is mandatory during all operations. However, if Spangdahlem GCA is separately staffed, omnidirectional departures are also available for all aircraft.
Non-TACAN equipped aircraft must use the applicable ROPUV departure. A reroute may be necessary depending on the filed route.

Omnidirectional departure

Aircraft given an omnidirectional departure shall be instructed to expect vectors to their initial waypoint. The actual departure heading will later be coordinated by Tower and Approach shortly before departure. Clearance for an omnidirectional departure is subject to approval by Spangdahlem GCA and only available when Spangdahlem GCA is separately staffed.

Spangdahlem Clearance: Duke 31, cleared to RUPOV via radar vectors out of runway 22, climb to altitude 5000ft, departure frequency 129.475, squawk 1000, expect further clearance by Langen Radar.

GEBSO departures

GEBSO departures are only available for aircraft on a Z flight plan or on request for VFR aircraft. Additionally, Medium and Heavy VFR GAT flights are required to leave the CTR via a GEBSO departure.
IFR aircraft filing via GEBSO shall be rerouted.

IFR pattern

The radar pattern is only available when Spangdahlem GCA is separately staffed and requires approval by Spangdahlem GCA. The precise clearance for the IFR pattern must be coordinated with Spangdahlem GCA. Tower shall be informed of any aircraft that has been cleared for a radar pattern, e.g. through a remark in the scratchpad.

Iceman 1: Spangdahlem Clearance, Iceman 1, request clearance for radar patterns.
Spangdahlem Clearance
: Iceman 1, Spangdahlem Clearance, standby.

TADC: GCA, Clearance.
TADA: Go ahead.
TADC: Iceman 1, F16, requesting radar patterns.
TADA: Approved at 4000ft.
TADC: Approved at 4000ft.

Spangdahlem Clearance: Iceman 1, clearance available, report ready to copy.
Iceman 1
: Ready to copy, Iceman 1.
Spangdahlem Clearance: Iceman 1, cleared to Spangdahlem via radar vectors, climb to 4000ft, departure frequency 129.475, squawk 2024.
Iceman 1: Cleared to Spangdahlem via vectors, climb to 4000ft, departure frequency 129.475, squawk 2024, Iceman 1.