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Frisbee Radar is responsible for all airborne traffic within the Geilenkirchen approach sector as well as coordinating all enroute clearances for IFR departures out of Geilenkirchen airport.

Frisbee Radar shall always inform the controllers of EDGG sectors Bottrop, Düsseldorf Arrival, Köln Arrival as well as EHAA sector Beek when opening and closing the position.


The airspace controlled by Frisbee Radar is class E which is lowered to 1000ft AGL in the entire area of responsibility.

ETNG AoR.png

Departure procedures

Enroute clearances

Enroute clearances for OID departures must always be coordinated with all concerned adjacent sectors. Exact routings to the first fix in the flight plan must be adapted to the individual traffic situation but usually a DCT to the first waypoint is the best solution. The initial climb shall always be at least 3000ft. Initial flight levels beyond the upper boundary of the Frisbee Radar sector must be coordinated with all concerned sectors.

The enroute clearance for OID departures will be requested by Frisbee Tower and has to be communicated to Frisbee Tower once it has been coordinated. Frisbee Tower will then relay the clearance to the pilot.

For departures from runway 27, the initial climb always has to be coordinated with Beek Approach.

Transfer to civilian ATC

All departures on an SID shall be handed off before reaching the sector border.

Handoffs for OID departures shall always be coordinated individually (preferably while coordinating the enroute clearance) and then take place as agreed, but usually a handoff at the sector border is the best solution.

27 departures

Departures out of runway 27 will not be sent to Frisbee Radar unless otherwise agreed. The default departure controller for these is Beek Approach.

Arrival procedures

Transfer from civilian ATC

Handoffs for arrivals shall always be coordinated individually and then take place as agreed. Frisbee Radar should, whenever possible, approach civilian ATC with a proposal for the handoff ahead of time, but usually a DCT to an appropriate IAF or to GIX at 4000ft with a full release is the best solution.


Geilenkirchen has a TACAN and an RNP approach to both runways as well as an ILS to runway 27.

During 27 operations, the ILS approach should be used primarily; however, there is also a PAR approach available for both runways.

Since Frisbee Precision is currently not implemented on VATSIM, PAR approaches can only be conducted if traffic levels permit - if necessary, Frisbee Radar can coordinate with civilian ATC to keep other inbound traffic outside of the airspace while a PAR approach is taking place; whether this is possible, however, depends on the current workload of civilian ATC.

During 09 operations, arriving traffic will be guided to final approach by Beek Approach and sent directly to Frisbee Tower unless otherwise agreed.