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Stetten Tower is responsible for all movements at the airport and within the CTR as well as all enroute and startup clearances.


Enroute clearances

All enroute clearances must be coordinated with Stetten Radar. The clearance will be given by Stetten Radar to be relayed to the pilot by Stetten Tower. Usually, pilots are first given their startup and taxi clearance and the enroute clearance is coordinated while the aircraft is on its way to the runway to be given at the holding point shortly before departure. If Stetten Radar is offline, the enroute clearance has to be coordinated with the appropriate civilian radar controller.

Further information on clearances to be given can be found in the ETHN Approach SOP.

Civilian apron

Civilian traffic may move without taxi clearance on the civilian apron in the North. These aircraft only need taxi clearance from the fence onward.

IFR traffic

All IFR traffic shall use the hard surface runway. The grass lanes and the helipad are only available for VFR helicopter traffic.


A departure release for all IFR departures shall be obtained from Stetten Radar.

Departures shall be handed off to Stetten Radar as soon as possible.


For IFR arrivals on a PAR approach, a landing clearance shall be relayed to Stetten Radar.

VFR traffic

Grass lanes

The grass lanes are only available for VFR helicopter emergency landings.

Reporting points

There are seven reporting points around the Niederstetten CTR, all of which except for two are mandatory reporting points.

Reporting point
November 1
wind turbines Northeast of Queckbronn --
November 2
East of Ebertsbronn village non-compulsory reporting point
Whiskey 1
wind turbine West of Rot village --
Whiskey 2
power lines over B290 non-compulsory reporting point
Schön village --
Leuzendorf airfield --
forest between B290 and Schrozberg --