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Arrival Sector Neckar Low

The sector Neckar Low (NKRL) is responsible for all Mannheim/City (EDFM) departures and arrivals from GND up to FL55/FL75/FL115. Usually, this sector is combined with other Langen sectors.

Sector Neckar Low


Mannheim/City only has instrument approaches for runway 27. Both the LOC and RNP approach have a non-standard 3.7° glide path.

During 09 operations, arrivals need to fly a visual circling procedure south of the airport. The clearance for the visual circling has to be part of the approach clearance.

ATC: JMP902, cleared localizer approach runway 27, followed by circling runway 09.

Alternatively, upon coordination with Tower, pilots can be cleared for a straight-in visual approach into runway 09.