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Münster Tower is responsible for the runway and traffic within the D control zone.

Runway in use: Runway 25 is used up to a tailwind component of 5 KT.

Approaches: For both runways ILS (25 CAT III, 07 CAT I), RNAV and NDB approaches are available.

Control Zone

The control zone of Münster/Osnabrück reaches from ground up to 2500 ft AMSL.

Münster/Osnabrück Control Zone (D-CTR) - ©

VRP: The following visual reporting points are available at Münster.

Entry / Exit
exit rwy 25
N1 - N2
exit rwy 07 + entry

Special: All VFR routes leading into or out of the control zone via the VRPs, have a maximum altitude of 2.000ft MSL. Overflights of villages Ladbergen and Greven shall be avoided, as far as possible. Corresponding information can be found on the Navigraph VFR chart or the VFR AIP, of the DFS. 

TMZ: Outside the control zone is a TMZ where all VFR aircraft must set transponder code 6104.

Helicopter: The helipad for Christoph Westfalen is located south of the airport between the runway and the highway. There is no clearance required for take-off and landing but for entering and leaving the CTR.

Runup: Traffic not ready for departure that need to perform a runup can use the bypass area at both runway ends to stay clear of the taxiway for other outbound traffic.

EDDG_runup_area.pngBypass Area at each runway end

Gras Runway: North of the runway paved runway there is the gras runway of the "Luftfahrtvereinigung". Due to historical reasons pilots can depart at this runway on own discretion like at small airfields with information service. Parallel landings and take-offs are possible and traffic informations should be provided! Nevertheless this traffic is controlled inside the control zone.

Pilot: DEABC, C172, nördliche Abstellfläche, VFR über S, erbitte Rollen, Abflug über Gras.
ATC: DEABC melden Sie abflugbereit Piste 25 Gras, QNH 1014.
ATC: DEABC, Verkehr Boeing 737 im kurzen Endanflug Piste 25, fliegen sie in die rechte Platzrunde Piste 25, Wind 230 Grad mit 5 Knoten, Start nach eigenem Ermessen.


Münster/Osnabrück utilizes an auto-handoff procedure for IFR departures where Tower will not hand off outbounds to the approach/center controller. Make sure to set the correct departure frequency in the ATIS.

Outbounds should contact APP/CTR immediately when airborne unless explicitly told to remain on Tower frequency.