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Frisbee Tower is responsible for all movements at the airport and within the CTR as well as all enroute and startup clearances.


Operating direction

Whenever traffic levels and weather conditions allow, opposite direction operations should be used with runway 09 as departure runway and 27 as arrival runway.

Enroute clearances

All IFR departures shall be cleared for the applicable SID according to the departure runway.

Whenever there is no SID to the first waypoint or the pilot requests an OID for departure, the enroute clearance must be coordinated with Frisbee Radar. The clearance will be given by Frisbee Radar to be relayed to the pilot by Frisbee Tower. If Frisbee Radar is offline, the enroute clearance has to be coordinated with the appropriate civilian radar controller.

Further information on clearances to be given can be found in the ETNG Approach SOP.

IFR traffic

All IFR traffic shall use the hard surface runway.


A departure release for all IFR departures shall be obtained from Frisbee Radar during 09 operations and from Beek Approach during 27 operations.

Departures shall be handed off to Frisbee Radar (09 operations) or Beek Approach (27 operations) as soon as possible unless otherwise coordinated.


For IFR arrivals on a PAR approach, a landing clearance shall be relayed to Frisbee Radar.

In case of a missed approach, Frisbee Radar (during all operations) and Beek Approach (during 27 operations) shall be informed immediately.

VFR traffic


VFR approaches are only possible during 27 operations; VFR departures are only possible during 09 operations.
VFR traffic going around or conducting low approaches/touch and goes shall always be instructed to remain over German territory.

Frisbee Tower: D-ETNG, cleared touch and go runway 27 grass, join right circuit runway 27, remain over German territory.

Grass lane

The grass lane may be used in parallel to the hard surface runway. It is only available for aircraft with a maximum wingspan of 15m. Traffic circuits for the grass lane shall always take place to the North.

Break direction

Overhead breaks shall only take place toward the South.

Reporting points

There are seven reporting points around the Geilenkirchen CTR, all of which are mandatory reporting points.

Reporting point
November 1
Adolfosee lake --
November 2
Tripsrath village --
Sierra 1
Plitschard village --
Sierra 2
Siepenbusch village --
Entry North
Exit North

quarry lake Baal Entry North for military traffic during 27 operations only
Exit North for military traffic during 09 operations only
Entry South
Exit South

Blausteinsee lake Entry South for military traffic during 27 operations only
Exit South for military traffic during 09 operations only
Immendorf village for military traffic during 09 operations only