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Hahn Ground  is responsible for startup and enroute clearance and all aircraft movements at the airport.

SID Assignment

For RWY 03 SIDs with designator E/K should be used primarily (highest climbrate required). For RWY 21 SIDs with designator S should be used.

SID Restriction
ABSIX only local IFR and flights via Z100 (NON-RNAV)
IDARO #Y only flights to EDDR, EDRZ, EDSB or via Z818



by ATC only
OLIVI by ATC only, Non-Jet up to 5,7 t MTOW
RUDOT #Y only via Y180 DIK or Y181 MAKIK (NON-RNAV)
IDARO #L only flights to EDDR, EDRZ, EDSB or via Z818, G21 (NON-RNAV)

Ground Movement

Outbound traffic at Positions A1, A4, B1, B4 has to be pushed on taxiway A with facing NE or SW. For gate assigment the Groundradar Plugin should be used.

EDFH_pushback.jpgPushback from stand A1 at Hahn Airport

During 21 operations, medium and light type traffic should be guided to the runway via E whenever possible. The TORA of 2700m should be enough for most of this traffic. The pilot should be informed about that on time.

Taxiway Restrictions

There are multiple taxiway restrictions that need to be considered:

  • TWY A between TWY D and E for aircraft up to category C (wingspan below 36 m - A321/B739) only
  • TWY D cannot be used by aircraft exceeding 14.000 kg MTOW (only available for registration D-Cxxx and smaller)