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Arrival - Sector Pfalz

The Langen Radar Sector Pfalz (PFA) is responsible for the arrival duties. He is responsible for traffic with origin or destination Saarbrücken (EDDR), the military airport Ramstein (ETAR) and the airfield Zweibrücken (EDRZ).

For runway 09 only RNP and VOR approaches are available. Runway 27 also has an ILS (CAT I) and NDB approach. For all airports inside the sector there are no STARs available and all of them need vectors or directs after their last waypoint towards the final.

The MVA within the sector is between 3000ft and 5000ft MSL. MIL charts for ETAR are available here (GEMIL FLIP VAD).

Departing traffic out of Saarbrücken will leave the sector via GERKU at FL210 and GTQ at FL80.

Zweibrücken: The airfield Zweibrücken has an RMZ and published IFR departure and arrival procedures. Pfalz is responsible to issue the remote IFR clearence to departing traffic out of EDRZ.

Ramstein: The US Army Air Base Ramstein uses FAA procedures in real life. On Vatsim the German phraseology should be used if not familar with other procedures. It is important to know that all SIDs out of ETAR uses Transitions to the last waypoint.

EDGG_PFA.pngLangen Radar Sector Pfalz

Ramstein GCA (TARA)

ETAR AoR.png

Ramstein GCA covers the area around Ramstein airbase up to 5000ft. Langen Radar is responsible for maintaining full vertical and lateral separation to the sector, i.e. PFA may not clear traffic above the sector below 6000ft or closer than 3 NM to the border.

ETAR inbounds shall always be coordinated individually, but usually a DCT to RMS (either direction), XIDOD (26/27 operations), or MAPIG (08/09 operations) at 5000ft with a full release is the best solution.

While Ramstein GCA is active, the VOR 21 approach into EDRZ will infringe on this airspace and thus requires a release for airspace crossing by Ramstein GCA. PFA should additionally closely monitor the climb rate of any EDDR and EDRZ outbound via TOMPI to ensure they pass 6000ft early enough to remain clear of the sector.

If any position at ETAR is staffed, they will issue the last point of the cleared SID as the clearance limit. Thus, ETAR outbounds shall receive an enroute clearance for the rest of their route by Langen Radar.

GTI8119: Langen Radar, Giant 8119, 4100ft, climbing 5000ft.
Langen Radar
: Giant 8119, Langen Radar, identified, climb FL170, cleared to Baltimore via flight planned route.
GTI8119: Giant 8119, climbing FL170, cleared to Baltimore via flight planned route.