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Ground and Tower

SID Assignment

SIDs via TOMPI with designator K or N shall only be used for prop/turboprop aircraft up to 5.7t MTOM. Primary the RNAV SIDs with designators L and M are preferred.


Saarbrücken Ground is responsible for startup and enroute clearance and all aircraft movements at the airport.

Parking Positions

All stands at the airport (N1/S1 - N5/S5) are taxi-out positions and can be used facing north or facing south by aircraft up to B737/A321. Primary the S positions facing to the north are used.

GAT traffic is parked west of taxiway B in front of the hangar.


Runway 27 is preferred at Saarbrücken as it is the only runway with an ILS approach. On request by the pilot, an opposite departure out of runway 09 is possible and needs to be coordinated with Approach. A separate release by Approach is required prior to departure.

Departing traffic needs to contact Langen Radar immediately after take-off.

VFR Traffic is not allowed to fly higher than 3000 ft AMSL inside the CTR.

All departures shall be separated by radar separation or wake turbulence separation, whichever is greater. Departures flying the same SID shall be spaced by at least 5NM when the following aircraft overflies the departure end of the runway. 


Controlzone Saarbrücken - ©


Saarbrücken utilizes an auto-handoff procedure for IFR departures where Tower will not hand off outbounds to the approach/center controller. Make sure to set the correct departure frequency in the ATIS.

Outbounds should contact APP/CTR immediately when airborne unless explicitly told to remain on Tower frequency.